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The key to any successful online presence is consistency. That doesn’t mean posting 5x a day or using the latest (a.k.a “colorful”) out-of-the-box trend. It means selecting a SUSTAINABLE schedule and showing up when people expect you to show up.

The below explanations follow basic social media strategy, combining current industry standards and my own experience. Each of these services can (and should) be tailored to what works best for your company and your audience.


Facebook services include maintaining Facebook Pages and administrating Facebook groups. Consistently sharing valuable content on your page will ensure potential customers trust you as a reliable provider. Content can be a mix of your content and external content, depending on your niche and audience. And proper group management is invaluable to ensure audience engagement.



Depending on your niche, Twitter can be a fantastic platform. A solid strategy includes a high volume of posts with a specific purpose, popular hashtags, and tagging influencers. Sincere engagement is key to increasing your followers.


Mostly used with the “professional” or corporate crowd, LinkedIn is a great way to show off your expertise, the skills that make you an asset to any client and the years of experience to back up your claims. LinkedIn is all about finding the right people and connecting with them in a sincere, meaningful way.



A perfect platform if you like change. Lol. Instagram is always changing it up, from its secretive algorithm to the available features. Just when you’ve grown accustomed to a recent new feature, Instagram releases another one. But the basics are still the same: use 30 related and varying hashtags, create a cohesive and appealing feed, and engage with others in a MEANINGFUL way (i.e. I’m not a follow-for-follow-then-unfollow fan).


Depending on your niche, Pinterest can be the absolute best source of traffic for your business. Using best pinning practices, specific keywords, and crafty board strategy, your pins will bring potential customers to your site every day. And yes, Tailwind is a MUST if you want to take your Pinterest strategy seriously.



With a solid, tried-and-true strategy, your social media will prove invaluable to your business success. Click the link below to schedule a discovery call. Tell me about your business and I’ll create a social media strategy customized for your specific goals.