A consistent online presence without the overwhelm


Choose either ongoing support or a periodic boost


What does that look like?

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Monthly Management


self-service content



Monthly Management

Don’t have time to fool with social media? No worries. Client work is your priority. It’s your zone of genius. Social media is mine.


Enjoy the flexibility to be as involved or hands-off as you like.


Gain in-depth knowledge about your audience from expert eyes.


Never worry about what to post or when you’ll have time to do it … ever again.


Learn insights about your ideal clients that will improve your marketing.

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DIY 90-day Content Collection

On a tighter budget? Want more control of your online presence? I’ve got you covered, too!


A budget-conscientious option that’s just as effective.


The heavy lifting of social media is done for you.


Flexibility to use the content in any way you choose.


Change the schedule yourself as needed.


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Monthly Management

This Done-for-you option is right for you if

  • Time for social media is a luxury you don’t have

  • You’re cool with someone else taking over

  • Writing captions is the bane of your existence

  • You want expert help selecting what to post


Self-service Content Package

This DIYer’s alternative is right for you if

  • You decide when and what to post

  • You add your own flair to your posts

  • Creating graphics isn’t your thing

  • You’d like to save money AND get expert help


What’s included with each option?



Monthly Management

  • 10, 15, or 30 posts per month

  • Target audience research

  • Creation of branded content

  • A strategic mix of curated content

  • On-going communications

  • Strategic planning based on analytics review

  • Analytics Report with customized recommendations

  • Customized editorial calendar scheduled for you

  • Scheduled to your Facebook, LinkedIn, AND Twitter

Monthly Management Starting at $197


DIY Content Package

  • 10, 15, or 30 posts per month

  • Target audience research

  • Creation of branded content

  • A strategic mix of curated content

  • 90 days of content delivered to your inbox

  • Post what you want, when you want

  • Customized editorial calendar with the recommended schedule

DIY Package Starting at $97


I’m courageous enough to know I can accomplish great things. I’m humble enough to know when to ask for help.
— Katrina Mayer



What happens next?

If the thought of no longer worrying about social media has piqued your interest, get more details (straight from the horse’s mouth):