About me


As long as I can remember, I've loved solving problems. Math was my favorite subject in school, and I come by it honestly. Early childhood memories include my mother solving difficult puzzle books for fun.

 I loved every opportunity to stretch my brain, which is why I joined every extracurricular group available in school. I geeked out joining my peers, brainstorming big ideas, planning events, and gaining as much recognition as I could.

 And despite the fact that I am a TOTAL nerd, I also love competitive sports. I played softball almost every year from grade school through high school. Competition is a beautiful thing, and I needed it both academically and on a field.

 In high school I fell in love with dance. Ballet, jazz, tap, you name it. The adrenaline rush from sports transferred to the stage. During this time I realized I need creative outlets just as much as I need academic stimulation. I didn't realize at the time it has a name, but from a very early age I've been a creative analytic. I'm always searching for new subjects to learn, opportunities to think outside the box, ways to flex both sides of my brain.

 Fast forward XX years 🤭 and this desire has increased exponentially. Academic achievements include an Accounting degree, an absurd number of online courses, and years loving my previous job as a Contract Administrator for the Department of Defense where I completely nerded out in spreadsheets and ridiculously large Federal regulation books.

 Creatively, I've learned many crafts, including how to sew, knit, crochet, make jewelry, make baby items, etc. I've also been busy in the online realm learning all things digital marketing, how to create websites, blogging, creating courses, copywriting, etc.

 Suffice it to say, I love a challenge 😁 I love navigating uncharted territory, coming up with new ideas, and waving a victorious flag at the end. As soon as one problem is solved, my brain begins searching for the next one.

 This obsessive need to generate smart ideas is how I approach client needs. My “teacher’s pet” mentality lives on, and I’m a hot mess if my people aren’t happy.

 I love what I do. It’s the perfect use of my naturally creative, nerdy skills for the sake of helping others. Aside from my family, it’s what I live for <3 I can’t wait for us to get started on a project!

 Thanks for hanging out and I hope to speak with you soon!